Street Art

Artist Spends Hours Arranging Natural Objects Into Stunning Mandalas, Leaves Them For You To Find
21:02 2018-02-12

Nature is beautiful as it is, but James Brunt is constantly finding new ways to make it look even more appealing. James creates artworks using natural objects he finds around his home in Yorkshire, England, and their intricacy will please both your eyes and your soul. From rocks and twigs to leaves and even berries, …

The 25 Best Acts of Vandalism That Will Make Your Day
01:12 2017-10-04

There are always two ways of doing anything: you can either give it your all, or slack off. The author’s attitude will always be reflected in the final result. Street art is no different in this respect: some works won’t catch anyone’s eye, whilst others will become true masterpieces that cleverly interact with their surroundings. …

The 13 Most Unique Houses in the World
23:06 2017-09-30

We may live in simple apartment blocks or townhouses, but some people just love to stand out in everything, including their “castles.” List of the world’s most unique houses that you’d want to live in. 13. Heliodome, France The Heliodome in France is a house that will both save energy and make your life very …

Miniature Installations of Decorative Doors Hidden in Plain Sight
09:19 2017-08-31

Tucked under tunnels and nestled in public parks are several miniature doors, tiny installations built with stoops, welcome mats, and even tinier dog doors. The Atlanta-based works are part of artist Karen Anderson’s Tiny Doors ATL, an art project that aims to bring a bit of curiosity and wonder to the city’s inhabitants. The project began …

Street Art in NY city
02:58 2017-08-08

American artist Tom Bob is running loose in the streets of New York, and let’s hope nobody catches him. Using street “furniture” like poles or electrical terminals, Tom creates colorful and whimsical pieces that interact with their surroundings. From turning a sewer into a frying pan, to transforming gas meters into quirky lobsters, Tom Bob …