These Memo Pads Reveal Architectural Sites As Each Sheet is Removed
19:45 2018-03-05

Architecture lovers and amateur archaeologists take note – or rather, get ready to take notes. The Omoshiro Block by Triad utilizes laser-cutting technology to create what seems to be a cube of paper note cards at first but is something much more. Only you’ll have to exhaust the entire deck of pages to fully reveal …

Guy Doesn’t Eat For A Week, And Here’s What Happened
10:04 2018-01-12

Fasting seems to have slowly worked itself back into our collective consciences again, this time for health reasons. While humans have fasted for millennia, either involuntarily or for cultural and religious reasons, the advent of diets that incorporate intermittent fasting such as the 5:2 diet or the ‘warrior’ diet has popularized semi starvation in the …

An Artist Portrays the Life of His Family and Proves That Happiness Lies in the Little Things
10:40 2017-11-25

As a child, Pascal Campion made sketches of his comic books and the beautiful landscapes of Provence. He studied art in Strasbourg and Boston and worked in Honolulu, Hawaii. Later he moved to San Francisco, where he not only found a new job but also met his future wife, Katrina. Soon a daughter, Lily, and …

12 Times ‘The Simpsons’ Predicted the Future
04:03 2017-10-22

The Simpsons has been on air since 1989 and over the years we have gotten some great episodes. Many of them comment on current events and where the world is heading. Over the years, the show has actually made some bold predictions that ended up coming true. Some of these predictions come from episodes that …

15 Things We All Do at Work
10:05 2017-10-20

Offices around the world exist by the same rules: there’s room in them for terrible deadlines, friendly get-togethers, the whirring of the printer, and the aroma of hot coffee. And, naturally, office employees never miss the chance to have a good laugh. Source