The Most Amazing Guitar Cover Of ‘Careless Whisper’ By George Michael
12:26 2018-04-01

Alexandr Misko, a 20-year-old fingerstyle guitarist from Russia, performs a ridiculously impressive rendition of “Careless Whisper” by George Michael. He literally changes the tuning of the guitar while playing! Source

Neuroscience says listening to this song will instantly make you more creative and focused
22:05 2018-03-30

Ludwig van Beethoven was of the opinion that “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.” So music can reveal more than either wisdom or philosophy, but can it reveal creativity? And if it could, what music would that be? Would it be the drawn out rhythms of Blues, the soothing, mood-elevating sounds …

Taylor Swift rips off dress in controversial new music video
05:15 2018-03-20

Just after winning Female Artist of the Year at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, Taylor Swift dropped a new music video for “Delicate,” a track from her latest album, “Reputation.” Like much of the album, the song hones in on Swift’s public perception over the past year or so. The video opens with a vacant-looking Swift …

Classical music has been proven to relax and comfort dogs, new study finds
01:41 2018-03-14

Classical music can be soothing for the soul, help us relax and decrease stress levels – but does it have the same impact on our dogs? As part of a recent experiment, composer Iain Jackson, created a piece of classical music especially for canines, in partnership with advanced nutrition brand, Eukanuba. The score, named A …

20-Year-Old Guitarist Performs Insanely Complex Cover Of ‘Take On Me’
23:42 2018-03-13

Alexandr Misko is a 20-year-old guitarist from Russia. He performs incredible fingerstyle covers of popular songs, but also writes his own original music. This is his mind-blowing rendition of A-ha’s “Take On Me”. When he down-tuned mid song, I was done. Source