How to Use Criticism to Your Advantage
07:45 2018-01-31

Let me guess: Hearing the words, “We need to talk” from a boss, partner or friend sends you into panic mode. If you hate hearing about the things you’ve done wrong and the mistakes you’ve made, you’re not alone. But it’s a catch-22. We don’t like being criticized, but honest feedback is one of the …

3 places you shouldn’t bring your smartphone
12:43 2017-09-04

The Dining Table “I’m not draconian about these things. Cellphones can be social tools, like when you look at a video together. Cellphones are very useful when you’re at dinner and you want to go see a movie and one of you pulls out your phone and looks up the time. The danger is when …

3 questions every résumé should answer
21:31 2017-09-01

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Read the original article on Entrepreneur. It’s become increasingly difficult for job applicants to rise above the noise of today’s digital talent pool. On average, we receive hundreds of resumes per week and only 13% land an interview with a recruiter therefore, job applicants need to think about what will make them stand out. The first, and easiest …

4 truths of creating your own opportunities
11:07 2017-08-31

Image source: pixabay This article originally appeared on Success As a young actor fresh out of drama school, I was convinced it would only be a matter of time before I took Broadway by storm. All I had to do was outhustle the competition. But it didn’t take long before I realized talent and hard work aren’t enough …

How economists talk about women online:’Feminazi,’ ‘prostitute,’ ‘horny’
00:11 2017-08-24

A new study of online conversations between economists identifies the words most commonly used to describe men and women, and appears to show the biases faced by women in the field, The New York Times reported. The study, “Gender Stereotyping in Academia: Evidence from Economics Job Market Rumors Forum” was conducted by Alice H. Wu, a recent graduate of …